Tips For Traveling By Car With Your Pet

Travelling by car with your pet can be a fun and rewarding experience. As long as you follow some simple tips designed to calm your pet and prepare him for the long drive, that is. Many pet owners assume that because their pet is good in the car on short drives across town, that they will be able to handle much longer trips as well. So they pack their dog’s favourite squeaky toy, their favourite blanket and some treats, turn up the music and head out onto the open road. Then, their dog begins to whine. That whine turns into a howl and then they start getting anxious, throwing up, or worse.

What went wrong? Fido has always loved car rides and he had his favourite blanket to keep him calm? The truth is, while some dogs do, in fact, like short car rides, they have a predetermined distance that they are willing to go and beyond that, it’s anybody’s guess what will happen.


Tips For Traveling By Car With Your Pet

You can help your dog relax when travelling by car and make the experience better for both of you by following these simple tips:


Keep Your Pet Out Of The Front Seat- while it might seem cute to make it look as though your dog is driving the car, it can be very dangerous for you, your pet and other drivers on the road. You might lose the ability to steer or brake properly, or your pet might block your view of the road.

PetzMotion Easy Riser Dog Car Seats


Use A Pet Car Seat- the Easy Riser Car Seat offers your pet both comfort and protection while travelling in the car. The Easy Riser Car Seat is soft, durable and comfortable and is designed to help keep your pet safe and happy, even on long car rides. The Easy Riser anchors to your car with the safety belt and enables your dog to sit up and see where he is going.



Car Rear Seat Cover- a hammock style car rear seat cover from PetzMotion can protect your car’s rear seat from stains, scratches and any accidents your pet might have.


Use Pet Travel Tags- create a pet travel tag and attach it to your dog’s collar. It should include your contact information and any important travel information that could help if he gets lost while on holiday.


Bring Enough Pet Food And Water- be sure to bring along enough pet food for the trip. This is especially important for finnicky dogs that will only eat a specific type of food.


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