Tips For Caring For Older Dogs

Figure 1 Older Dogs Require Special Care To Keep Them Healthy And Happy.


If your dog is older, you probably already know just how much additional care he needs to be healthy, happy and comfortable. With very different care requirements than younger dogs, senior dogs can be much more challenging and require a lot more of your time.

     There are many different factors that go into determining if your dog has reached senior status including genetics, nutrition, environment, breed and more. Regardless of this, if your dog seems like he is having more difficulty getting around or they seem more lethargic than normal, keep reading for some expert tips that will make caring for your older dog easier.


5 Tips For Caring For Older Dogs


Schedule Regular Visits With Your Vet- as dogs get older, they need to see the vet more often. This is important to ensure they are healthy and to prevent any future illnesses from occurring. During each vet visit, ask for a body condition evaluation. This will help determine whether your pet is overweight, underweight, or just right.


Feed Your Pet A High Quality Diet- you should always feed your dog a high quality, high protein diet, but this is especially important for older dogs. Choose an all-natural dog food designed for senior dogs and consider a raised food dish and water dish which can make eating more comfortable for your senior dog. You should add fatty acids such as DHA and EPA to your dog’s diet to help with any mobility issues they might have.


Provide Plenty Of Exercise Your Senior Dog- exercise is important for older dogs as it can help keep their muscles strong and their joints healthy. Regular exercise can also help them burn calories and keep them in shape.


Give Them Toys To Play With- all dogs need toys to play with and keep them active. Toys give older dogs a way to keep their brains occupied which can help prevent neuro-degenerative disease.


Keep Them Comfortable- one of the best ways to show your older dog that you care is to keep them as comfortable as possible. Older dogs aren’t as mobile as younger dogs and they might need assistance climbing stairs or accessing furniture. You can add specialised pet stairs which enable them to climb onto furniture and you might want to consider moving their bed, food dishes and toys all onto the same level in your home.

     An Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is another way that you can provide them with the comfort they need as they grow older. Memory foam contours to their shape, cradling your dog in comfort so they can get more restful, rejuvenating sleep.


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