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Long distance driving with your dog

When you wish to bring your dog on a road trip, the distance might be long and this means that you will need to prepare the dog adequately such that the trip itself is enjoyable for your furry friend. What are some of the things that you will need to prepare then?

Car dog seat

This should be the most important item that you should get for a long trip. A good dog seat will ensure that your furry companion would have a comfortable ride even if the journey is long. Imagine being in the car for long hours without a comfortable place to sit in!

For this, we highly recommend you to get the easy riser car seat, which is our best seller when it comes to owners who wish to get a comfortable dog seat for their dog. Indeed, this awesome car dog seat for road trips can allow your furry friend to have a stress-free time riding in the car for those long road trips. The padded sides does allow your dog to have a comfortable time too, and the cover is completely removable, hence allowing you have an easy wash.

The interior itself is made the simulated lamb’s wool interior lining, which will help to keep your dog cool in summer and warm during winter!

The reason why we love this car dog seat for long trips is also due to the elevated height too. This allows your dog to have an easier time to combat motion sickness.

Last but not least, when it comes to your dog’s security in the car, you can easily secure this comfortable dog seat to your car by using our own easy riser safety strap.

Food and water

This should be the first in your list. Depending on the amount of days that you are travelling with your dog, you might want to add in an extra day’s worth of supplies for your dog in case of emergencies. Throughout the journey itself, you will need to ensure that the dog gets sufficiently hydrated at all times

However, just before the trip itself, do ensure that you help them acclimatise as dog can have motion sickness too.

Camping equipment

We strongly suggest that you bring along some camping equipment so that you and your dog can have a good time gazing underneath the stars. It can be pretty majestic having a view of the milky way with your dog beside you in a tent.

But if you wish to start a fire, please be responsible enough to douse it just before you turn in, as an unattended fire can have undesirable consequences.

1st aid and medication

If your does have long term medication, it will be important to bring them along for this road trip. It will be good for you to bring along some essential first aid kit for your dog as well as learning how to do CPR on your dog lest you are caught unprepared when the situations calls for it.