About the Easy Riser

We love to be with our dogs, and our dogs love to be with us and that often means travelling together in the car.  You want your dog to be just as comfortable and safe as you are when travelling. The EasyRiser was designed to do just that.


Lined with a soft lambs wool finish fabric which can easily be removed and washed, your dog will be cosy and comfortable.  The unique construction of the Easy Riser allows your dog to sit up and see what is going on and still being safe and secure.


The Easy Riser is simple to fit in your car, anchoring with the safety belt and takes only minutes to install. With a connecting strap from the harness to the seat belt, your dog can move enough to be happy but not enough to be in any danger.


The standard Easy Riser comes in a choice of Black or Brown, but if you want to use a specific fabric, we are happy to make a custom cover just for your best friend.  Simply select that option and we will be in touch about the amount of fabric required.

PetzMotion Easy Riser Instructions For Use

PetzMotion Easy Riser Car Seat Medium In Car
Medium size PetzMotion Easy Riser in-situ showing the security strap in place ready to connect to your dog’s harness.
Easy Riser clearly showing the Seat Belt channel.

The picture above left shows the Easy Riser in-situ

• Position the Easy Riser in your preferred rear seat position in the car.

• Run the lap belt of the seat belt through the seat belt channel at the back of the Easy Riser to secure it in place.

• Attach the security strap to either the lap belt or the diagonal of the seat belt.

• Connect the clip to your pet’s harness.

• It may suit smaller pets to connect the security strap to the lap belt.


For safety reasons please connect to a suitable harness and NOT to the collar.

Care Instructions
To wash cover, remove and follow instructions on care label. Do not wash at high temperature or use bleach. Refitting is best done with the cover inside-out starting with the arms first, then the back, pull into position and re-shape.
To download instructions right click here and select ‘Save As’